Enlightenment in 5 minutes

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“ONE ONE ONE”   (Its one you- Its one me -Its entanglement)

We are one. Can you feel this love? This energy we call love is melting warmth that can break down the walls that keep us separated. Everyone here tonight is part of this same creature “stuff” expressing infinity. You are a part of the same “stuff” aka consciousness that is expressing endlessness. From the point of light in the mind of God let light stream forth into my mind. There is only one point of light in the mind of God. We all come from that one point of light.

Physicist grad student from the University of Maryland, David Huckle, explains Quantum entanglement.

“Entanglement is the idea that two things in space can be one thing. He put two atoms in a box and using lasers he made them spin faster and faster until they emitted photons. The photons crashed into each other and entangle the atoms. The two atoms then became one even though they were 4 feet across from each other. They discovered that if they changed one atom in its own little box the other would also change.”

So far scientists have been able to get entanglement to occur at up to 88 miles apart. In theory you could fly one atom to the moon and the other atom on earth would be affected immediately.

“The guys that do this research don’t understand it. They just say its math and it works. Quantum entanglement probably happens all of the time.
There could be one particle of you right now entangled with a person that you just passed on the street.

The idea that two objects that are physically separated over miles, time and space, and are still the same thing is something that is so foreign it makes me cautious about what I think might be possible in the future. This is the experiment that doesn’t correspond with anything that we understand about the universe.” – David Huckle

If you are interested in learning more about David’s research on Quantum Entanglement you can find it on NPR INVISABILIA

Also check Quantum Entanglement/David Kaiser: Professor of physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The science part for most of us is interesting, but not that important.

Science is nice because it catches up with spirituality. We have all of these amazing analogies and experiences to try and translate to our brain that which has already been timelessly true.

Why would we do the science part if not to gain deeper spiritual understanding of who we are? An experiential understanding. Or a visual of who we are.

What would be the purpose of science if not for this?

Tonight we are going to deepen this experience of this oneness.


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Ask yourself this question: WHERE DOES EVERYTHING MEET?


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Just imagine for a moment that creation is this unlimited field of potential experiences. Different experiences, different dreams, different perceptions, or as science tells us different configurations of energy or creations.

There are unlimited creations. Everything that can exist does exist. Already timeless so.

Out of this field of infinite experiences (point of light) where would you say that every experience meet.


What does every single experience have in common with every other experience no matter how different experience A is from experience B?

What does it share? What is the one point of common contact? CONSCIOUSNESS.

Can you see that?

You cannot experience creation except through it being an experience.

And experience does not exist outside of consciousness.

We have never had an experience without consciousness.

And we cannot know consciousness without an experience.

Every point in creation is consciousness.

The I am is the “me” in consciousness.

And what are you?

Are you conscious of what I am saying right now?

Are you conscious of me?

Even if you don’t focus on it, is there an effortless consciousness that recognizes that you are here. I am here at this moment. You are here at this moment and this moment and this moment into infinity.

Who is the contact person in all creation?

It is you. It’s me,

It is the one being.

You are the individual that is conscious of all that is consciousness.

Entanglement is when you realize that “true entanglement” is when you realize there is only one being.


We can talk about particles and the science of it, however what it means is that at the deepest knowing of that oneness is to gaze at that oneness and know that it is part of you and you are part of it.

You are the meeting point.

For the first time try to feel safe in the universe because you know you can experience that which you are a part of. No matter what experience you may run into…bad or good…it is going to be part of yourself. If there is only one being there is no unsafely. There is no lack. Everything that can be experienced exists.


You are the meeting point of all your lifetime experiences. Can U expand this to include the idea that at this point of light everyone is experiencing all points of light?


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aka consciousness? Past, future, space-time reality. Things we don’t even know about.

Try to get into that feeling of entanglement.

Take a deep breath

Let go of every thing

Don’t claim to know anything

Give your thoughts back to God, to creation.

Try to be empty.

What remains?

Is there still you.


This is your consciousness recognizing itself.

When you take a break for 2-5 seconds.

You begin to awaken to this idea that you are inseparable from everything.

You are at one.

ACIM Lesson 41

God goes with me wherever I go. This idea will eventually overcome completely the sense of loneliness and abandonment that comes with the “separated experience”. Deep within you is everything that is perfect, ready to radiate through you and out to the world. It will cure all sorrow and pain and fear and loss because it will heal the mind that thought those things were real and suffered out of allegiance to them. You can never be deprived of your perfect holiness because the Source of all joy goes with you wherever you go.

Try to enter very deeply into your own mind, keeping it clear of any thoughts that might divert you attention.

Can you feel this room inside your consciousness?

This is just a step toward unity.

You feel that you really are the meeting point of all existence.


This is transcendent of the personal self, yet it is the personal self.

This is everyday life.

At the center of your being there is a light.

Try to connect with this light.

Tap into it. Can you let your body break away from this light?

The way will open if you believe it is possible.

This exercise can bring startling results even the first time it is attempted.

Let the body go. Feel this light without your body.

From the point of light in the mind of God.

You are this point.

Light is liberating.

This light starts traveling.

Travel with this light.

This light is infinite in its speed

This light is the creation of all things.

This light which is one is one being expressing infinity.



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You are at one meeting point with this light.

You are the single being that occupies infinity.

You are entangled with this light.

Meet someone in this light.

Drop you boundaries.

This light gives you access to a meaning, a deeper meaning.

One particle can communicate with another particle because there is only one particle.




Every particle is one particle moving at infinite speeds.

You and your brother are one.

You are never separate from what you see.

You are never separate from what you don’t see.

Move into this oneness.

Let it raise you vibration

Let it raise your frequency to true bliss.

Let this light wake you up to your purpose, “why you are here”?

Don’t waste your life.

Have fun, enjoy.

Be ready to engage with life. Be of service

Be a participate with this light.

You are never in lack

You are a point of light in a point of light

There is no lack

Everything exists. The only thing that can’t exist is lack.

We are so afraid of bumping into ourselves.


There is no lack in this entangled universe.

How could there be lack of anything when you are the creator of everything.

Because you are the contact point of all that is.

Remember this.

Get the idea of lack out of your mind.

Start moving with the true flow of light.

This is true even if you don’t believe it.


Are you ready to step outside of ideas that others think are right?

Step outside of those self created, agreed upon ideas and concepts.

The universe has no meaning of its own.

We create the meaning.

Why are we so afraid of our greatness?

When we are afraid we are not joyful

This is our greater self-telling us we are out of alignment with who we really are.



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When you step out of this paradigm of the collective consciousness of lack and limitation, this is true awakening.

Are you willing to sep out of the box that is man made or man-agreed upon.

When you step out of this man made box new ideas stream into your mind.


This point of light has its own frequency.

When you are not aligned with this frequency (which is your true being) you will feel that as pain, suffering, fear.

This is the only purpose of the emotional body is to guide you back into alignment with your frequency that is from the point of light that is from the main source of light.

For 2-5 seconds give away all your thoughts.


When you take break for 2 to 5 seconds its like opening a window in a stuffy room and a fresh cool breeze enters.

If all but loving thoughts have been forgotten what remains?

The transformed past is made like the present. No longer does the past conflict with the now.

You will know from experience, and this has to be an experience it can’t be taught.   Wherever you are, you transcend all space and time. You feel that you are the meeting point of all existence.

There is this thing right in front of you recognizing itself.

When you take a break your consciousness will recognize itself,

Recognize your natural present state.

Enlightenment is just a step. It’s a wakening up.

ACIM Some of the ideas you will find hard to believe, and others quite startling. This does not matter.

You need not believe.

You need not accept.

You need not welcome them

But all you are asked to do is to not make exceptions to the applications


This course is a beginning, not an end. Your Friend (the part of you that knows it is a point of light in the mind of God) goes with you. You are not alone. Whatever troubles you, be certain He has the answer and will gladly give it to you, if you will just ask. He will not withhold answers that you need for anything that troubles you. You will be told exactly what God wills for you each time there is a choice to make. You do not walk alone. God’s angels hover near and all about. His love surrounds you, and of this you can be sure; He will never leave you comfortless.


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